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Pro Organic Search Optimization

Organic search optimization involves continuous updates to your website and with a constant flow of high quality content. Content marketing is a vital component of our plan because it not only forms and benefits your online brand, but it has the potential to earn high ranking links and boosts your website’s authority.

We begin the process by finding keywords that will be sure to contribute to your business goals; more leads, page views, sales, etc. Ideally we analyze countless keywords until we are sure we have found the right balance for number of searches per month vs competition. We study your competitors to secure the edge we need to rank you higher in search.

Depending on your specific business needs, we offer several types of organic search optimization. Each is individually tailored to help you be found in search when someone online is looking for exactly what you offer. We would love to chat about which plan might work for you.

Pro SEO News Plan

With traditional SEO, the expectation is that content should be written around topics associated with your business niche. Our newest plan, Pro SEOLocal SEO
News, requires a unique rationale– we create content that’s in demand by our publishing partners. We’ve spent tons of time and effort creating unique partnerships with third party, independent websites, most of them local community news sites.

Every month, as part of our Pro SEO News Plans, we write content for your website that includes facts and information geared for news stories that will be syndicated out to our publishing partners. Your business, connected to an online news piece on a reputable, local community news site– that’s exactly where you want to be in today’s SEO environment.

Some of the Pro SEO News Features

Shares all forms of content with the right people in the right places. Unique, quality content earns links, showing search engines that yours is a website of authority.

Press Release – Submits company news and events to press release sites.

Featured News – Connects your business to a timely news story and pitches article to online publishers.

Business Quote – Places your quote in an industry-related, timely news story.

Article Syndication and RSS – Places articles on industry related websites and submitted to relevant RSS aggregators.

Depending on the level of your plan, there are many more features available.


This is our more traditional organic search optimization plan, offering content-based marketing in your niche.  REAL SEO is an acronym that standsREAL SEO
for Research, End-User Value, Analysis, and Launch, which is the process we take when implementing this plan.  With this in mind, we first research your business to find keywords and themes that will help sell your product or services. Then we design content that will be relevant to your potential customers. Finally, we analyze and fine tune the campaign, followed by a launch of information out across the web.

Some of the Pro REAL SEO Features

Targeted Keywords – Finds the most productive keywords for your SEO campaign.

Articles – Creates unique keyword-rich articles, each posted to a distinct website.

Video Presents information about your company in an eye-catching video format.

Article Syndication and RSS – Places articles on industry related websites.

Depending on the level of your plan, there are many more features available.

Pro Local SEO

This plan is similar to the REAL SEO, but your campaign is geared more for ranking higher in your local area.  We identify keywords targeted to your
geographic location and then make sure your business is set up on the top local search sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Google Business. Your listing is monitored for reviews, a video is created for your local listing, and then everything is syndicated out to related sites.

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