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Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click or Paid Search is a method of online marketing where an advertisement for your services or products shows up on the initial web page Pay Per Clickof Google or other search engines when individuals browse on key phrases that are related to your company. Social networks like Facebook as well as various other platforms provide PPC (Pay-Per-Click) as a way to show up in search. You are billed for each time a user clicks on your ad.

In contrast to the other types of digital marketing, instead of the goal being to drive traffic to one site or get leads through signups, Pay-Per-Click  provides a way to attract visitors wherever they are surfing. It generates clicks to your website, rather than earning clicks organically. A unique advantage of pay-per-click marketing is that ad networks like Google reward advertisers that have high-quality ads, not just the highest bidder.

Features and Benefits of PPC:

* Immediate results! Your advertisement will start running the day the campaign is released.

* You establish your spending plan and also max cost-per-click you’re prepared to pay.

* Campaigns have the capability to be targeted to specific geographical locations and established to operate on whatever day and time you choose.

* Retargeting campaigns show extremely targeted ads to online visitors that have actually viewed your website.

* Google Display Network campaigns reveal your advertisements on sites that are pertain to your solutions you offer.

* Ads have the capacity to target mobile devices.

* Cost for each lead is frequently less in the short term compared to other types of advertising and marketing.

* Strategic use of keyword performance can be utilized to boost efficiency of an organic optimization project.

* Ideal addition to an organic optimization campaign — instant exposure online while your SEO campaign is ramping up.

Potential downfalls of using Paid Search is that there is the possibility for click fraud.  In the same breath, some people tend to ignore paid ads.  One other disadvantage is in the long term, organic optimization will provide residual effects but once you stop paying in a PPC campaign, you are gone from the first page of the search engines.

Comprehensive Campaign Summary

A complete report regarding your Pay-Per-Click marketing campaign is found in your control panel. With this reporting software, you get:

* 100 % measurable results. Our reporting software program presents objectives, investment, cost-per-click, as well as cost-per-conversion. We inform you which keyword phrases and also advertisements delivered website traffic to your website.

* Daily updates on spend, website, and phone call conversions.

* Projected as well as real results.

* Comprehensive month-to-month report.

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